Chapter 5

Depression such a ‘beauty’, It has been the most tragic experience I have gone through and after having to take ‘The walk’ , I decided to yield a talent. You may have read the title wondering why something so tragic should be described as a beauty ,so I decided to tell you a quick flashback of what happened one Monday morning ;during one of my sessions with Mike my phsycologist, he decided to tell me a story . I enjoyed listening to his stories behind his aspiration to become a phsycologist ,also one of the reasons I love my sessions and religiously go for my appointments .He told me that he had been depressed at some point in his life. Therefore ,after he recovered from depression he went on to study Psychology, Isnt that a beauty? It is amazing , which I must say also motivated me not to give up.I refer to depression as ‘beauty’ because its something that gave me a reason to discover myself, something to do, something creative as well as artistic,photography.I know we are different people , but out of anything challenging God lets happen to us ,there is an an outcome which is beautiful. When you run a race , be it a car race, eating competition or even playing soccer and many more there is always a reward. And me trusting in the Lord ,he gave me a reward .As a reward I always imagined arriving at a place of peace.

And one day after walking through a farm near my place, I found a beautiful space, I said to my self, “what a beauty it is”. A picture reward, a place of peace.

A place of peace.



Mike Ashley Phiri,A psychologist at the University Teaching hospital

I recommend Mike to be one of the best psycologist Zambia has, not only has he played a huge role of being my Psychologist but also my spiritual mentor. In most cases during the first session with Mike, he would ask what religion you are, so as to follow beliefs your religion carries. I am a Christian, so he decided to take a path that only Christians believe in and during our sessions he also taught me more about the word of God; he always says , ” God let’s his people go through certain battles so that he can strengthen us and stretch us to a limit that nothing can harm us”. My sessions with Mike have been empowering, he made me look at Depression as a Challenge that comes with a great reward, strength. Having learnt so many things from him I believe that I went through depression for a reason, and because of the sessions I have with Mike he encouraged me to find a hobby, a skill, to do many things that would intrigue my mind. He took every step of the way with me by teaching more about God and the word and helping me discover my talent
With all that has been written , I believe there is purpose behind every happening, An angel sent from God Mike is.



“If you have to see the sunshine you have to storm the weather” by Frankly lane. Like a thunderstorm flows, so did my depression. It was a dark cloud so scary I couldn’t bear it. The beginning Hit hard.I had what they called in psycology terms the shakes and panic attacks. My mind was spinning wheel of evil thoughts which were suicidal thoughts , unable to stop Myself from thinking. Contious sleepless Nights, nerves twitching in addition to that loss of appetite, I lost my self.
Hardly had it been a Month when all this begun than I was rushed to seek spiritual Gudiance , I was prayed for, Taken to a number of pastors but It was so strange that there wasn’t an instant delivery, I still felt the same but later it was concluded by my family that , I should seek medical help.
Everything felt like a dream it wasn’t the reality I dreamt of. Concerning medical help ,quickly everything was done . This was my shout for help
. I was referred to The University Teaching Hospital of Zambia, Clinic six which offers Mental health services. Introduced to me was my Psychiatrist that took this journey with me step by step and taught me a whole lot.
This episode in My life was just the beginning. Out of darkness blossomed a Rose of Spiritual strength and Talent. By the help of my Family & friends, that played a huge part to be a motivation for me to get better and prayed for me, aswell as God my back bone in everything.


In these next two chapters I’m going to write about the center of my inspiration as a photographer


A Road that seemed to have no end to it , I couldn’t predict my future destination with the track I found my self on. It was the year 2018 when I discovered that I was suffering from mental illnesses, namely anxiety and Clinical depression. It was the first time in my life I took a path that was filled with so many obstacles ;lacking the knowledge of what it was that I was going through and most important lacking the spiritual Guidance .
In most African Countries a large number of youth, both educated and uneducated have little or no knowledge on mental health or the mental illnesses such as Anxiety and Panic Disorders, Bipolar Disorder ,Depression, Eating Disorders , Schizophrenia , Substance Abuse and Addiction .Mood disorders such as bipolar ,in occurrence when someone has frequent mood swings, sadness, elevated mood, anger or even anxiety is abnormal in some African homes ,precisely people may think the person is demon possessed, especially if you come from a Christian background which is inevitable for most people in urban areas,
having a large number of people kill themselves because they are stumped by whats happening to them. And sadly, I fell prey to that number who didn’t know anything about mental illnesses.


The world seen through Maggie’s eye talks about a life time story I went through ,as well as expressing my talent through pictures .My Names are Maggie Banda ,aged 19 .Born in African country ,Zambia .Aspiring to be a photographer, one Chapter at a Time with different expressions of pictures captured by me ,I’ll tell a story Sharing experiences of my life.