Chapter 10

The colors of the sunset result from a phenomenon called scattering. Molecules and small particles in the atmosphere change the direction of light rays.
In this specific piece direction and dusk is what I will try to bring out . Direction for me is more of a ‘road multitask’ my own headline to describe different directions , wieghing on doing two or more things would help you discover what you are good, however ‘selah’ ,Biblical term used to give instruction to pause. Go back reverse and revise. Not everything applicable for others is applicable for you, it’s your choice but still, it’s important to make the perfect choice in which direction you must lead.

The splits of light that turn to darken, from the glaze of the sun raise to its fall due west, the dusk. Occurrences that have happened in my life happened in a space of 7 months but I decided to creat a form of imagination. Picture a day , 24 hours from sunrise to sunset. Ever watched short tapes in how you would see the rise of the sun fast foward into the sunset?. Exactly my imagination of how everything that materialized, and of course a dramatic close in slow motion.

Having so much going on, I have learnt and lived. You see as much as I went through so many bumpy roads I turned to realise it’s the unfold of better to come , my plan which was more of a life schedule was re-scheduled. Hard to adjust but adjustable, it’s all about mindset.

My reads on this blog will tell you that i just didn’t move from being on struck to glory. I moved passed storms to zephyr ,It’s life. I had and still have moments where I try to do so much to forget what happened that’s life. Not everything going according to plan is life, changing direction and choices , that’s all life!. And just like I imposed imaginations of how 7 months is more of a 24 hour video clip is what life is fast foward, slow motion, Sometimes even re-occurance, rewind learn from it.

On a sad note this is my conclusive chapter, the dusk. I believe that someday these chapters will be reflection of who I will become praying and hoping for all the best..



Chapter 9

Handy little is a chapter dedicated to upcoming photographers.

Maggie’s toolkit ,a handcrafted book that has scribbles of little flash visions , a Samsung Grand Prime plus mobile device that’s stands out to be a digital camera aswell as earphones to get me into a mood of enthusiasm so indescribable, this to me is an ideal photoshoot session.

I’m not as fully equipt as there can be digital cameras, white balancing tools, Filter soft ware, camera tripod stand and every thing that needs to be for a professional photographer.

Matthew 13, the parable of a masturd seed “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches.”

Sometimes it’s not about starting big, it’s starting with what you have, be it small or even nothing, that will help build something Tremendous . Writing down my little ideas and vision of how I would like something to be published has helped alot.

Am not as fully baked yet but dear Reader, don’t go big to quick. With something small you can still work some magic and just believe.


Chapter 7

Unfold ,an event of a gradual development or reveal.

definition by Oxford Dictionary.

From my personal experience, I saw things Unfold. Have you ever gone through something then suddenly things begin to reveal its self?. It had always been an interest to capture life and its happenings; talk about people, that was my expertise. While this may be true for me to be inspired it had to be an outburst. Photography was a once off activity ,eventually after encountering depression it was a ‘must do’. Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times (Romans 12:12). Being patient was part of this eye opener ,nothing can be reveled the way it has to be. Its like a meal, Africans traditional meal ,pap ; it does take time to be cooked to it’s readiness and perfection. A very unusual example yet all about spread plus starch. As the lozi Tribe would say “ki ku letela fela lika lizamya mwanzila ya mulimu“. One thing for sure is I love what’s going to become , My instincts predict that a meal of art/creativity is ready to be served.


Chapter 6.

Just like a flower, so did I begin to sprout, like the weather comes forth, like a leaf in winter after a storm I began to unfold. What heals the mind and soul is what you see and what you feed on. As I started to grow much interest in art, I started to heal, the logic behind the art is it’s eye catching contents, generally nature that is Gods greatest gift to man kind ,as it also plays a part to broaden levels of imagination. See life is filled with many scars, some may bring out the best and sometimes bring that which is worst . My ‘to go to’ or in other terms, ‘escape’ was nature, the world’s landscape. Having to get out of my home ,take walks ,look at the blue sky, the green croft aswell as human interactions relived my mind from the negative energy I got from depression. I turned to make a habbit of taking deep breaths every time before I embark for my walks, just to alert my mind and calm my nerves in readiness for Psithurism, nature’s comely feature the best remedy. There is something bewitching about it, that you can’t put a pin on ; maybe it’s the calm winds , the sound of the wind in the trees, the blazzing heat or the refreshing fragrance produced by the the plants. Nature’s natural healings at its finest.


Chapter 5

Depression such a ‘beauty’, It has been the most tragic experience I have gone through and after having to take ‘The walk’ , I decided to yield a talent. You may have read the title wondering why something so tragic should be described as a beauty ,so I decided to tell you a quick flashback of what happened one Monday morning ;during one of my sessions with Mike my phsycologist, he decided to tell me a story . I enjoyed listening to his stories behind his aspiration to become a phsycologist ,also one of the reasons I love my sessions and religiously go for my appointments .He told me that he had been depressed at some point in his life. Therefore ,after he recovered from depression he went on to study Psychology, Isnt that a beauty? It is amazing , which I must say also motivated me not to give up.I refer to depression as ‘beauty’ because its something that gave me a reason to discover myself, something to do, something creative as well as artistic,photography.I know we are different people , but out of anything challenging God lets happen to us ,there is an an outcome which is beautiful. When you run a race , be it a car race, eating competition or even playing soccer and many more there is always a reward. And me trusting in the Lord ,he gave me a reward .As a reward I always imagined arriving at a place of peace.

And one day after walking through a farm near my place, I found a beautiful space, I said to my self, “what a beauty it is”. A picture reward, a place of peace.

A place of peace.